Pre Purchase Pool Inspections

If you are considering purchasing a property with a swimming pool and/or a spa, for peace of mind we offer a Pre Purchase Pool Inspection service.

A comprehensive inspection of the pool and equipment is carried out and a full report provided advising the condition of:

  • The pool interior surface- checked for cracks, stains, blackspot and osmosis.

  • The pool coping - checked for cracks, degradation, distortion and subsidence.

  • Waterline tiles - checked for cracked or damaged tiles, staining and calcium deposits.

  • Main drain - condition checked and cover in place.

  • Skimmer box -  condition checked and basket, vacuum plate & lid in good order.

  • Pool pump - condition checked, checked for excessive noise, leaks, lid and basket in good order. 

  • Pool filter - condition checked, Multiport Valve checked (if applicable).

  • Chlorinator - condition checked, salt cells checked (if applicable), chlorine/acid feeder system checked (if applicable)

  • Lights - operation checked and signs of water ingress.

  • Return eyeballs - Condition checked

  • Pool cleaner - Condition checked

  • Cleaning and maintenance equipment - Condition checked

  • The pool gate - checked if self closing and self latching and if measurements are compliant.

  • CPR sign - checked if compliant to current requirements.

  • Water balance - levels checked on total and free chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid (stabiliser), saturation index, copper, iron, salt/minerals.

A comprehensive report is provided with recommendations on what treatment is required to correct pool water chemistry balance and necessary repairs or replacements to pool equipment

The Pre Purchase Pool Inspection service is $135.00 and we service Brisbane, Redlands, Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast.